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Mathilda - created with iModeller 3D

Animated Short Production relied on iModeller 3D's 3D capturing capabilities

For all you non-believers - iModeller 3D is not only suited for 3D rendering, it can also be a powerful animation add-on: Oliver Stephan of Cologne's Academy of Media Arts created his animation short "Mathilda" with the help of iModeller 3D Professional. Most of the 3D models in his work were captured with UZR software.

Oliver Stephan: "I wanted a very organic look. Thanks to iModeller 3D, the nature of my characters and the surroundings turned out beautifully.

First I built my character prototypes from balsa, wire and cloth. Then I worked on the details with acrylic paint. The original prototypes were about 10 inch. I disassembled them and placed the single parts on a rotating table with the iModeller reference pattern. I mounted my camera onto a tripod and took 12 images of each part.

I masked the images with Photoshop and embedded the mask in *.tif files. Then I imported the images into iModeller to create the textured 3D models.

I did not create highly resoluted 3D models because I wanted to save memory resources for animation. The 3D models were exported as VRML files. I imported the files into 3D Studio Max and saved them as a *.max scene file. I then merged the files into an empty scene to get rid of any unnecessary VRML information. Then I selected all vertices in the submenu and merged them together to receive a consistent object."

Click here for the Mathilda trailer (37 MB).

Visit Oliver Stephan's homepage