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Studio H0 presents Koetter Services on the Web - with iModeller 3D

iModeller enables rapid production of human 3D models

Andre Märklin, CEO: "We had the goal to visualize our customer's wide palette of services interactively and as naturalistic as possible. Thus we went for 3D graphics. First we modelled a virtual scene with 3D Studio Max which featured the different environments we needed to present the services. In order to vitalize the scene, we needed 3D models of humans wearing corresponding working clothes. iModeller 3D Pro proved to be the perfect tool - especially the texturing instantly lead to brilliant results.

We captured people wearing the actual clothes using numerous digital cameras we released at once. These images were loaded into iModeller 3D, creating completely textured 3D meshes. The 3D models integrated nicely into our 3D Studio Max environment, and the rendered results are absolutely stunning."

Click here for the complete presentation of Koetter Services (Flash Player required)