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iModeller 3D Web Edition: Tutorial 1

Some further improvements, and your 3D model is ready to be published on the web!

Activate the 3D mode. The texture is generated and mapped onto the model. The statue´s eye is improved.

Now you should accent some details of the model. Rotate the model so the details are visible and generate an artificial object image using the "Generate Image" Button in the lower right of the work view. The artificial image is displayed in the image list. Open the "Image Properties" dialogue (image list context menu) and label the generated image (e.g. "Side View").

The model is now ready for export. Choose "Export" from the file menu. In the Export Dialogue you may enter a number of different parameters. Open the "Cameras" register and uncheck the check boxes of all cameras except the generated ones. This way, only the generated camera positions are exported. You may also define a default camera that is displayed when the model is loaded into the applet window and an initial rotation of the 3D model.

Next, you open the "Material" index. Since it is a metal statue, activate the "Metal Shading" option. This will create a metallic look of the 3D model.

The model can now be saved. Close the dialogue with "OK".

Congratulations! You successfully finished this tutorial. Click here to view the finished 3D model!