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iModeller 3D Web Edition: Tutorial 1

You masked the images - now everything is ready to create your 3D model!


As soon as all images are calibrated and the masks are painted, the 3D model can be generated. Activate the "3D" mode ("3D" index in the work view). A grey cube appears...

... which then is cut to shape using the object silhouettes. If the shape of the model is generated, it is displayed in the work view ans the texture reconstruction is started.

The texture is automatically mapped onto the model. Rotate the 3D model to get a detailed view of the left eye of the statue. You will see that the texture appears blurred and needs some improvement.
Go back to the Mask view. Activate the "Texture on" mask from the "Edit" menu and the pen tool. Now, roughly paint the eye of the statue in one of the images.